Dewa, Uttar Pradesh, India


Dewa (or Dewa Shareeff) is a town in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Located 42 km to the North-East of the state capital of Lucknow, Dewa has a population of about 15.600 inhabitants.

The town is home to a significant Urdu minority (about 15% of the population).

Dewa is an important pilgrimage site, for both Hindu and Muslims. Here is a shrine dedicated to the Sufi Haji Waris Ali Shah, who lived in the 19th c. and embraced a mystic doctrine that put love and devotion to the foundation of every religion.

Today, Dewa is the only Sufi temple in India where Holi is celebrated - the "festival of spring" or "festival of colors". Muslim as well as hindu, christian and sikh believers from all over India attend this Holi.

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