Deva, Kosovo


Devë in Albanian, Deva (????) in Serbian, is a village in Kosovo. It belongs to the municipality of Gjakovë/?akovica. At the 2011 census, it numbered 547 inhabitants, mostly Albanians.

Devë is the village between Bad Raca and Hasin and has approximately 80 houses and agriculture is the main occupation of its residents. But in the village there is also the chrome mine, where most of the villagers work.

The village consists of two parts, Asllani and Sefaj, which also have their subsections: Ahmet and Azllanet. Regjaj, Kukaj, Avdija are close to Deva and Binakaj, Beq Alit and Bobt form a group of bigger towns which are further away but which are included in the same region.

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